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Expert Consultants

HLL is a highly qualified team of software development and system experts. With our extensive experience of the industry we offer technological expertise in product and system management, project management, software design, programming and testing. We have a successful history of over 15 years working closely with some of the largest telecommunication companies in the world.


HLL has over the years performed hundreds of audits on national and international companies. We offer audits in quality management, system management, project management, software design, programming and testing. We are, since 2009, offering ISO9001:2008 and TickIT certification audits as a subcontractor to DNV GL. Today, this has been extended and replaced with ISO9001:2015 and tickITplus certification audits.

Research and Education

HLL has since started been actively involved in Research and Eduction. This includes, but is not limited to, participating in national and international post doctoral research programs, guest lecturing on universities, as well as actively participating on student projects. A majority of the HLL experts consultants is or has been been doing research within Software Engineering.

About HLL

Häggander Liden & Lundberg Computer Systems (HLL) was founded in 2000 as a company where the founders shared ownership of a patent. The founders soon started to get frequent requests to work as consultants. Rather soon, the company pursued this change of direction. By employing well known software developers, the company turned into an expert consulting company. Our innovative, talented and often very experienced staff is mainly working on consultant assignments targeting the Software Engineering industry.

We work here

We are located in Ronneby, in the southeast part of Sweden.
Contact us at, over the phone at +46 733 254471
or via ordinary mail:

Box 97
SE-372 21 Ronneby

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